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  • $300.00

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: 0.8% – 3%

    CBD: 13% – 20%

    GENETICS: Harlequin x Sour Tsunami

    APPEARANCE: This Harle-Tsu is fluffy and light. It is pale green and light on crystals and hairs. It is a little twiggy — not the best trim job.

    SMELL: Earthy, Sweet, Spicy/Herbal

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain and insomnia

    CREATED FEELINGS: Strong relief from aches and pains provided by a high CBD ratio, additional, slight euphoric effect aiding stress relief, Relaxation and body high without feeling mentally overwhelmed

    DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Grape Romulan, OG Kush and Afghan Kush

  • $280.00

    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: 4% – 7%

    CBD: 8% – 16%

    GENETICS: Swiss Sativa, Thai, Colombian Gold

    APPEARANCE: The beauty of Harlequin is mind blowing. She has a frosted, jazzy external appearance due to being densely covered in trichomes and red pistils.

    SMELL: Harlequin buds will smell like a mixture of tropical fruit and mint, described as spicy sandalwood.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, stress, depression, inflammation, headaches.

    CREATED FEELINGS: Harlequin has vast applications and affects people in very diverse ways. Many patients are blown away by it, produces a dense fog of sweet incense, with a soothing, soft and spicy san- dalwood scent.

    DURATION: Around 1 to 4 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Charlotte’s Web, Dancehall, Trident, Fire OGHeadband

  • $210.00$1,400.00

    TYPE: Indica

    THC: Between 14% and 20%

    GENETICS: Landrace of the Hindu Kush Mountains

    APPEARANCE: Hindu Kush has dense nugs that are very resinous. It is coated in an abundance glistening trichomes and orange hairs.

    SMELL: It smells sweet and earthy.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain relief, insomnia and stress

    CREATED FEELINGS: Hindu Kush produces a relaxing body high that gives a slight couch lock. Yet you still feel focused alert and uplifted.

    DURATION: Around 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Northern Lights, Chemdawg and Tahoe OG

  • $260.00$1,700.00

    TYPE: Indica

    THC: 16% – 20%

    CBD: .1% – .6%

    SMELL: Pine, Sour

    BEST FOR TREATING: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress

    CREATED FEELINGS: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

    DURATION: 2 hour range

    SIMILAR STRAINS: OG kush x  GSC x Blue berry

  • $250.00$1,650.00

    TYPE: Indica

    THC: 22% – 25%  CBD: .1% to .35%

    SMELL: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Spicy

    Flavors: Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Sweet, Woody

    BEST FOR TREATING: Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress

    CREATED FEELINGS: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy

    DURATION: Moderately strong high that usually lasts around 2 hours.

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Grandaddy Purple, Irene Kush and God’s Gift

  • $210.00$1,400.00

    TYPE: Indica

    GENETICS: Master Kush = Hindu Kush x Skunk

    THC: Usually between 18% and 21%

    APPEARANCE: Buds grow dense, fat  and covered in trichomes.  The buds tend to be light green and covered in red and orange hairs.

    SMELL: The smell is wonderfully sweet skunky and kush like.

    BEST FOR TREATING:  Insomnia, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

    CREATED FEELINGS: Great balance of head high and body high. First you get a sativa like pop in creativity in the head, but be aware if you smoke to much you will definitely be taking a long nap.

    DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts over 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: OG Kush, Chemdawg and Abusive OG

  • $240.00$1,600.00

    LINEAGE: Unknown (California Indica x Afghani) x (Skunk #1 x Haze)

    TYPE: Indica

    THC: Up to 18%

    APPEARANCE: Northern Lights buds are generally dense, slightly dark green and generously covered in white trichomes.

    SMELL: Rich earthy smell, that is sweet, fresh and a hint of pine-sol.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

    CREATED FEELINGS: Great balance of head high and body high, when coming down creates couch lock

    DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts over 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: G-13, Sour Diesel and OG Kush

  • $300.00$1,800.00


    TYPE: Indica Dominant

    THC: 12-15% CBD: 0-.3%

    SMELL: Berry, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Lemon, Pine, Spicy, Woody

    BEST FOR TREATING: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Tremors

    CREATED FEELINGS: Body High, Creative, Euphoria, Relaxing

    DURATION:   2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS:  Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Raskal’s OG