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  • $220.00

    Don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is the perfect daytime medication for patients treating fatigue, stress, and depression.
    Green Crack has branched into two genetic lineages, the most common of which is its sativa line descended from Skunk #1. The 75% indica variety of Green Crack is said to have come from an Afghani strain, and is marked by a tighter bud structure. Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.

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  • $280.00

    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: 4% – 7%

    CBD: 8% – 16%

    GENETICS: Swiss Sativa, Thai, Colombian Gold

    APPEARANCE: The beauty of Harlequin is mind blowing. She has a frosted, jazzy external appearance due to being densely covered in trichomes and red pistils.

    SMELL: Harlequin buds will smell like a mixture of tropical fruit and mint, described as spicy sandalwood.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, stress, depression, inflammation, headaches.

    CREATED FEELINGS: Harlequin has vast applications and affects people in very diverse ways. Many patients are blown away by it, produces a dense fog of sweet incense, with a soothing, soft and spicy san- dalwood scent.

    DURATION: Around 1 to 4 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Charlotte’s Web, Dancehall, Trident, Fire OGHeadband

  • $260.00

    Lineage: train wreck x mendo purp
    Harvest Date: Indoor May 10th, 2017
    Test Results: THC 25.99% CBD 0.1% CBN 0.12%
    Flavor Profile: grape, earthy, berry, spicy lemon undertones
    Strain Attributes:
    Medical Effects: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, & sleep disorders
    Physical Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoria, uplifted, sleepy.

    Purple Train Wreck is also called Granddaddy Purp, it is a true powerhouse that combines an uplifted mood and relaxed state of mind. The effects are sure to life any pain or depression you may be struggling with.

    Quantity   1lb


  • $240.00

    Quantity       1 lb, 1/2 lb, 1/4 lbQuantity 1 lb, 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb
    THC             22.93

    CBD             0
    Strain          Thin Mint
    Species         Hybrid

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  • $260.00$1,700.00

    Better known as Tutankhamon, King Tut the marijuana strain pays homage to the powerful Pharaoh Tutankhamun, one of the youngest and certainly the most famous of Egypt’s early rulers. King Tut the strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 80:20) with an uncertain parentage, though it’s known to descend from the legendary sativa-dominant AK-47. THC levels are rumored to be quite high, though King Tut’s rarity makes it hard to know for sure. CBD levels, on the other hand, aren’t widely reported; that means this strain generally shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for epilepsy or other conditions that respond to CBD. The high is cerebral and peppy, making this a good choice for daytime errands, social events, or creative endeavors. Use this strain to treat depression, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, and nausea. King Tut tastes like fresh fruit and flowers and has a sour, Skunky smell. There are few public reports of negative effects, but bloodshot eyes and dry mouth should probably be expected, along with possible paranoia. King Tut is most popular in Michigan, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest.

    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: 22%-33%

    CBD: .1% – .17%

    GENETICS: AK-47 selection

    APPEARANCE:he first thing I noticed was how dusty looking these AK-47 derived buds are. The buds are exceptionally dry. Like two turns in the grinder turns it to dust.

    SMELL: Orange citrus/ super skunk

    BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Pain, Nausea, Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation

    CREATED FEELINGS:The high is decent for sure. But once you get to a certain point in smoking, as I’m sure I’ve said this before, you just sort of stop getting high. You get a nice head change going that brightens your mood and your day, and that’s about it.

    DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: AK-47 and OG Kush